CroPups NFT collection
A few nice and cute puppies who travel far and wide while earning rewards


Supply: 3000
Blockchain: Cronos
Price WL: xxx CRO
Price Public: xxx CRO
We want to create a well-functioning and interconnected ecosystem behind our project,linking our native token to the real value of NFTs
One of our main goals is to make the different NFT collections an integral part of this system.
The first of these will be a cute and cuddly puppy pack collection named CroPups. They will make a mess and bark on their way all around Cronos. This adorable product will come with several starting benefits and a lot of upcoming ones to please our investors.
After a succesfull Public mint, our team allocate all of the income of the CROPUPS for different wallets.
20% Goes to Our CROPUPS staking system.
20% Goes to CROPUPS DAO.
20% Goes to $CRTT Cargo Hold wallet.
15% Goes to Holiday home fund
15% Goes to Developers for further expenses and team building.
10% Goes to prizes (mint: 25%, 50%, 75% 100%)
When our team allocated the income of the Public mint, all of the secondary sales royalty goes to the primary CROPUPS wallet. We set the royalty to 8%. We allocate the secondary sales for two different wallets.
30% Goes to CROPUPS staking system.
30% Goes to Developers for further expenses and marketing purpose.
20% Goes to CROPUPS DAO.
20% Goes to Holiday home fund
Our team members are visionaries. We believe the only way to keep this project and move forward is with TRANSPARENCY. Thats why our money movement is public for everybody on cronoscan.
CROPUPS utilities:
  • Premium NFT Staking Pool that NFT holders
  • Extra cashback after your travel's total price
  • Growing benefits during the time
  • Participation in a high value prize draw
  • Various gift airdrops
  • CroPups passport: our owners will have the opportunity to buy exclusive, limited edition products and have early access during CryptoTravel Events
  • These cute CROPUPS will be the holders avatar in the upcoming β€˜PAWVENTURE’ platform p2e game. Development already started.
  • We will release more NFTs continuusly, thats why We decided to take snapshots, and those holders who delisted/hold their CROPUP will be eligible for next NFT whitelist spots.
  • These CROPUPS are your entry for our DAO. We would like to host private giveaways for NFTs, CRO, whitelist spots for our partners and highly recommended projects. The DAO will release early informations and let the holders vote about the project future. We here for the community.
  • Surprise feature, the future: holiday home fund (more information coming soon)
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