Cashback system

Earn to travel - travel to earn.

We all love to travel but what if you could get some of the cost back?
The Cashback system we already have in place was a very important goal and milestone in the life of our project.
Do you like active relaxation and would you like to save some of the money while you are on a holiday? In this case the cashback system is built for you, as you get 10% back from all your travel expenses if you are using the services of our partners through our website.
For this, we will set aside and lock 10% tokens to fund the system and its rollout for a longer period.
In time we will create a dedicated platform to upload the accounts so that you can use this service easily and conveniently.
The number of our partners is growing day by day. You can book travel, accommodation, flights or even a car with us!
As we mentioned earlier, the cashback system we have developed and continuously tested will be the cornerstone of our entire ecosystem, providing ongoing passive returns to our investors. However, we do not need to fear that the value of these cashbacks will affect negatively the chart as we will fund them from our own commission from our partners. In addition we will lock a small amount of tokens for this purpose, which we will of course burn over time if the situation requires - i.e. if they are not used - to protect the value of the token.

Our partners so far: