A simple site that benefits both the customer and the service provider.
What is Cryptrip?
CryptoTrip will be our own travel planning website,where you or anyone can add details of a hotel or restaurant, an attraction or even a programme. We'll send the original owner a notification that it's been added to our website, and they can take over the editing rights if they want or subscribe to featured ads, from which the original uploader will receive a share. If owners subscribe to the site, the uploader receives 1/3 of this amount. The remainder of the amount received is used to enrich other wallets, such as the holiday home fund.
How will TRIP (cryptrip) link the three projects?
  • Buy tax 2%, will be given to TRIP holders who upload data, i.e. become editors on the Cryptrip website, proportionally distributed on a weekly/monthly reward basis.
  • Sell tax 5%
  • 2% which the Pawventure DAO receives and can be used to protect the exchange rate of CRTT or TRIP tokens (in other words, if the exchange rate drops, we can buy tokens to reinforce) At the token launch the Pawventure DAO will receive 20% of the TRIP tokens, which will go into the DAO treasury.
  • 3% Holiday Home fund (and then we come to the biggest thing that really makes the 3 projects a real ecosystem....)