Get to know us - The project

Join us and enjoy the journey to riches at the end!

The idea was to create a token in which holders could win trips and discounts with our various partners. Travel is covered by the Travel fee, currently 1% on sale. We have held a number of prize draws where we have given away travel vouchers, BNB and our own tokens to lucky winners in V1.
An important goal was to build a cashback system, which has been live since the end of December 2021. What exactly does this mean? When you book with our contracted partners through our website, you will receive 10% cashback on your invoices in our own tokens. To get the cashback you must make your bookings from the links to the partners on our website. In time we will create a dedicated platform for uploading invoices so that you can use this service easily and conveniently. This popular system is still working, of course as a refund after the relaunch.
We aim to build a continuous partnership with different actors in the tourism sector such as hotels and travel agencies. The development of our accommodation and travel search website will be a real milestone in the life of the project, as it will be the first Hungarian project to use cryptocurrency to finance travel and to validate time-based discounts.
We are working hard to create the Travel-to-earn Ecosystem for our holders where traveling is closely linked to passive income generation through the use of our NFT-s and Cashback system.

The most important parts of this ecosystem are:

Let's look at these in a little more detail!