Travel Wallet

The tool that takes care of the reward.
Summer is coming and you don't know which beach to go to? Or would you rather go on an adventure in the Alps?
Join us and be one of the lucky winners who can make the dream holiday with our support!
One of the cornerstones of our project is our 4 different prize draw wallets which allow you to win free travel grants of up to $1,000 at a time!
How does it all work?
A percentage of each transaction (Travel fee) adds to this wallet: 0,5% on sales.
The prizes are awarded simultaneously in four tiers ($100/$200/$500/$1000), which can be funded by four Travel Wallets which are equally funded by the Travel fee.
What does this mean in practice?
The four wallets will therefore fill from the travel fee at the same time, but obviously, the $100 wallet will be fully funded much sooner than, for example, the $1000 wallet. By the time the largest wallet reaches its maximum, the smallest wallet will have been drawn 9 times.