What is CryptoTravel

Welcome globe-trotters! Have a seat and enjoy your journey!

CryptoTravel is not an ordinary shitcoin as we are working on a complete ecosystem that combines NFT staking and passive income systems in a single token, all while providing significant discounts and ongoing cashbacks to our traveling holders!
CRTT is one of the most innovative Treasury tokens in the blockchain world. Treasury tokens are designed specifically for investors who take a long-term view and want to invest their money in stable projects. Holders receive a reward from the benefit of the amount that is constantly accumulating in the Treasury regardless of circulation.

What can you get from us as an investor?

  • You can expect passive income as we are a Treasury token
  • You can win travel funding thanks to the innovative Travel Wallet
  • The CRTT's outstanding utility is the website itself, as most of the revenue generated there is returned to the token holders

Sources that support passive income:

  • Buy/Sell tax
  • Partner registration fees
  • Revenue from the sale of Discount Cards
  • Revenue from advertising
  • Unlike reward tokens, revenue is not distributed immediately but works for you on an ongoing monthly basis.

We hope this short little intro has caught your attention and you will join us for a detailed presentation!

Take a journey with us from the crypto to the real world and earn money while doing so!

Happy reading!

Last modified 1yr ago